The magical properties of amethyst

Amethyst is the mascot.
After many centuries, the value of the stone amethyst does not change, but only confirmed again and again. According to its energetic properties of amethyst talisman strong-willed, free by nature and people. This semi-precious stone contributes to finding inner peace and spiritual harmony, balance with yourself. Amethyst horoscope says that this gem is suitable signs such as Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn and fish. These signs of the zodiac are able to feel a special attachment to the decoration of amethyst. Ring, bracelet, earrings or amethyst necklace will not want to shoot ever. Such a "kinship" with natural stone jewelry will fuel a host of vital energy that will create a favorable aura around him.
Amethyst Taurus – is a major dark gem. This semi-precious stone will be an excellent remedy for depression and mental fear. Amethyst Aquarius – this blue-violet stone. Ring or a necklace of amethyst can help you avoid a breakdown in the family, to protect his master from unhappy, unrequited love. Amethyst Capricorn – is translucent, bright gem. This stone is perfect for those who are preparing for an important, requiring concentration, the events. He will believe in themselves and in their abilities. Amethyst Fish – it's bright, color changing semi-precious stone, it is best combined with chrysolite. If a person is under the sign of Pisces is the decoration give the beloved, their relationship will be especially strong and mutual. Semi-precious stone amethyst sign interacts perfectly with all metals, gold, silver, and it can be worn in jewelry, both men and women.
The magical properties of amethyst.
The value of amethyst is so widespread that describe it in two words there is no possibility. The mystical and magical significance amethyst known to people since ancient times, when the charms and beads made of this gem is worn on the neck wars going on a dangerous trek. Amethyst did invincible warriors, resilient, and fearless in battle. Rings of this semi-precious mineral gave the favorite to warn of failures, to provoke affection, while in the family, amethyst provides consent, fidelity of spouses and peace in the home. Purple Amethyst is a stone of wisdom, knowledge of the truth, developing the mind and the human sixth sense – intuition. It has long been known beneficial properties of amethyst affecting trade and business. This semi-precious stone helps to solve many problems, it is also known as the "grace of the patrons."
A long time ago the value of amethyst actually noticed wealthy landowners. It was thought that if this mineral is lower for a short while in the water, and then pour over her crops, the new crop will be resistant to disease and insect attacks. In the East, jewelry or crafts made of amethyst was decided to put in the center of the room for the night. This was done in order to dispel the magical powers of gem bad thoughts and distilled nightmares. And in Russia beads of amethyst necessarily passed down from one generation to another, but only through the female line.